Thursday Thoughts: Some Flash Fiction Fun?

I have had this cool writing game box sitting on my bookshelf for ages. It was a brilliant gift from my thoughtful husband, and I have stalled breaking it out for too long.

No longer.

Tomorrow, I bring you the first in a series of Micro-Flash Fiction prompts. I’ll start with an item from my writing game box, use it with some parameters for anyone who wants to end the week with some flash fiction fun: genre, an item and a situation.

Where did this come from?

In part from my most recent NYC Midnight micro-flash fiction challenge. Fun (often challenging) prompts, a true sprint (24 hours), and a little spark for the creative outlet part of my brain.

“Of Goats and Drinks”
NYCM Round 1, 1st place story, Group 90

In part from the writing game that’s been catching my eye a lot the last few weeks.

In part because I miss the flash fiction writing prompts a friend used to post ages ago when I first started blogging.


1.I’ll have a scheduled post at 0530 US eastern

2. I will turn off comments midday on Saturday, giving 24 hours + to share your story, here, or leave a title, synopsis, and link to your site.

3. Links with no title and 1-2 sentence synopsis will be deleted

4. Word count: writer’s choice, 100 or 250 word cap

5. For the sake of being thorough: inflammatory, offensive or stories I perceive as inappropriate will be deleted here. It’s my blog. Post those things somewhere else.

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