DNF List

Did you notice a book that was slated for review and it (*poof*) disappeared?

In keeping with the policy of promoting books believed to be worth the time of a harmonizing mom, there will be some books that are either not finished, or their reviews not published here. Please see the DNF and Low Rating Policy page for more.

Any book that falls into that category will be listed here. That’s not to say I won’t give it another go!

I will go by baseball rules and consider the book a “strikeout” if after three attempts I can’t get into it.

Here’s the current list:

One Strike (DNF)Two Strikes (DNF)Strike Out (DNF)Low Rating (Declined Review)
No One Left BehindYarsinskeThe Ten-Year NapWolitzer    

Foul-Out DNF: A book I simply cannot get into and will not pick back up

Confessions of a Curious Bookseller (E. Green):

This book is billed as a novel, however, after reading the first several pages, and clicking through many more on my Kindle, I discovered it is written as a collection of notes, emails, web responses and so on. It should be identified as an epistolary novel, which is a VERY different format, does work for some, if done exceptionally well. Here it was cute for a page or two to introduce characters, setting and situation. Beyond that it was mind numbing. It also has plot points that read as if taken directly from the screenplay of “You’ve Got Mail” except with an unlikeable protagonist. One swing is all this book gets with me.

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