Thursday Thoughts:

We live in a small town. It ranks as one of the “safest” in Virginia, year after year.

Despite that, the truth about humanity struck here on Tuesday. A former college student shot and killed two Bridgewater College campus officers before taking off and leading officers from Bridgewater, VSP and surrounding localities on a man hunt.

A college and town on lockdown.
A community in chaos.
Families in panic.
And for what?

We are a violent species.

I met Officer Painter years ago in Grottoes, VA when he was Officer Painter of Grottoes PD and I was Firefighter/Shock Trauma Tech 922 of Rockingham County Fire & Rescue. It was a long time ago, and I did not know him well. I knew him enough to recognize his name and face, and feel the shock and sadness at his sudden death.

I did not have the fortune to meet or know Officer Jefferson.

I have seen the words of many neighbors and friends who knew both men well. They are already deeply missed, and my heart goes out to all those who are grieving. They were good men. Our world has two fewer good ones now.

May their memories be a blessing.

The impact of their deaths will ripple through their families, our town and our community for years to come.

The responsibility to improve humanity is on each of us. In our actions. In our words. In our choices.

We all have choices to make, every day.
Choose wisely 💗

Small town life and small town living

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