Meet “The Mom Who Runs”

You know those women who are super fit, seem to have it all together and do so with minimal effort? I’m so NOT her.

Who am I then? Among many things, I am a runner, a writer, avid reader and general mayhem manager. Ever since leaving full-time work for domestic engineering, I have been “running” a great deal more than our schedules and the household. I run two small businesses, my developing writing career and a book review and soon a weekly writing challenge. There are also a few self-imposed projects…okay, maybe more than a few.

Let’s just say I don’t sit still well.

Here is my place to share the adventures of all this running! I hope you will join me, and share your journeys as well!

Happy trails!

P.S. You can always expect a response from a comment. More direct communications are best sent to

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