Friday Flash Fun: The Smelly Microwave

And so it begins!

A fun challenge for myself. A push to practice creativity. A little something to look forward to at the end of the week.

Week 1:

First mine: Mad Mama (248 words)

Synopsis: Mad Mama will have her way with the microwave. The real question: which Mad Mama wins in the end?


The soft voice carries across the kitchen and instantly I turn.

It’s the way Kate sounds when she’s “on-duty” when the day, or patients, have been challenging.

“Kitchen!” My grubby hands show little change despite several aggressive swipes on my jeans.

Kate enters, taking careful, dainty steps across a debris field. “You okay?”

“Yeah! Great! New house clean up and nesting and all.”

She hesitates. “Tru, the microwave is in the front yard.”

“Oh, that! Well. Let’s not tell your sister, but that Mad Mama thing is a piece of shit. I must have followed those directions five times! There was still stuff stuck all over, and THEN it reeked of vinegar. Still smell it, actually. Damn pregnancy super-olfactory-sense.”

“And it’s in the yard because…?”

I huffed. “I figured if Mad Mama couldn’t clean it, nothing would. So I ripped it out. That’s as far as I could throw it.”

Kate smothered a laugh. “Trudy, love, five times?”

Another huff.  “Yes! Damned microwave was still dirty!”

“Walk me through using Mad Mama?”

This gets a glare. “Fill it as directed with water and vinegar. Put it in the microwave and set it for 2 minutes.”

“And after that?“

“What do you mean, after that? I opened the microwave and it was still dirty! So I repeated it.”

Katy steps around cans of paint and boxes. “Did you wipe it down after you used the Mad Mama?”

“Wipe it down? What? The directions don’t say…” I pause. “Noooooo.”


Reminder of the rules:

Have fun, and happy trails!

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