My main “project”…finish my book.

I will start this post by saying that the number one “project” that I am running is certainly Project Mom.  Raising a considerate, educated, curious, kind, well-mannered, (insert additional adjective here) and above all, happy, kid is definitely number one.  Sorry, honey, you’ve been bumped!  Taking care of my family is definitely my main focus.  But to keep myself busy, and to fulfill my creative side, I am working on a book.  I started it years ago, just before starting my master’s program, so it has seen a lot of time on the shelf.  Now, with a little more time on my hands, it has taken a higher standing in the priority list.  An early big thanks to my very supportive and understanding husband who has told me he will only be disappointed if I don’t finish it.

The characters are fictitious, locations have been based on general internet searching and research and the story itself is purely a work of fiction.  There are some elements of my life that have inspired either characters or events, but that is the extent to which the story is true to life.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed creating these characters and their story!

Happy trails!


First chapter link:


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