In the Mom Lane: Ending up on the Most Unlikely Path

Nearly five years ago, I found myself quietly watching my friend, Megan.

She had started a direct sales skincare business, and I happily ordered products from her. It was time to upgrade from the “bar-soap-when-I-shower” routine and really take care of my skin.

The science nerd in me loved that they were dermatologist-developed, and clinically proven safe and effective in independent trials.

The skeptic in me delighted in that there was (is) a 60-day empty bottle satisfaction guarantee, meaning if my eczema-prone skin was having none of my well-intended skincare upgrades, I could send everything back.

I turned up my nose at the business.

“I already have a business,” is what I said.

I did not believe in direct sales. “Good for her, not for me,” I said.

Then my mom succumbed to cancer, and Megan came to help me pack and clean her apartment. She drove two hours in her new minivan that her business helped her pay for, and suddenly what she was doing seemed smart. It was giving her, and her family, options.

She was sharing that she could help others love their skin and improve their confidence.

I sorted through bills and bank statements, stepped through the painful days of managing an estate that was deeply in the red. Another stream of income began to seem not only smart, it seemed important.

Five months later I finally asked some questions. I thought some more. Then I decided “what the hell?! If I hate it, I can send the consultant stuff back and go back to being a customer.”

Turns out that another stream of income is smart. It is important. It does make a difference.

Turns out that helping others feel confident in skin they love is important. It makes a difference.

Turns out that sometimes the paths we never thought we would walk wind up right in front of us anyway.

Turns out that the most unlikely path can lead to some pretty amazing places and people.

Thanks for taking the time to walk a part of that path with me.

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