Busy Mama Book Review: Anxious People

First: It’s been a moment since I wrote one of these.

Next: I have come to generally dislike the term “busy” because it is overused, it is used as an excuse and frankly, it is a silly statement. We are ALL busy, whether we fill our days with productive tasks or mind-numbing ones. Here, I use it meaning: “Mama, I get it. You are probably in almost constant motion, often for others more than yourself. Find a few moments and pause the busy-ness, allow yourself time to enjoy a bit, relax your mind and let yourself recharge.” Here I will give you books I find worth are those moments, and steer you away from those which (in my opinion) are not.

Now, on with the book review. “Anxious People” by Frederik Backman is about serious societal and interpersonal struggles through the anxiety-ridden lenses of a host of characters. How he tackled such plots as banking and housing crises, bankruptcy, addiction and divorce (amongst other serious subjects) while also making me laugh at character antics and not once making me put down the book feeling heavy (especially in 2020) is impressive.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most about the book is the perspective of people struggling with anxiety and relationship stress and literally being able to put those emotions down and walk away from them. If only it were so easy in real life, right?

What may not be as easy is putting down the book when you’re into it. Some of the characters take time to appreciate; I suspect the same is true of some of the people in your life. It certainly is in mine! If they don’t grab you right away, be patient with them, and Backman’s story-telling. The end is felt a little too neat and overly fictitious, however, it is worth the read and certainly the hope, that we can all find our way up, even if things seem all upside-down. Besides, coming out of 2020, most all of us can use something that’s maybe a little too rosy.

Happy reading, and happy trails, friends!

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