From the Reading Corner: In an Instant

In an instant…the book is over (almost*).


You know it’s going to be an omnipotent view.

You know the MC dies to provide those view.

You don’t know how the story will flow past that point.

My opinion: A cleverly written story with a sharp narrator, it’s a what-if-you-could-see-all-sides story about a crisis, decision-making under duress, and the delayed effects those decisions can have.

One does have to suspend belief in how things turn out for most of the characters, as circumstances that are IMO a bit too happily-ever-after and got-what-should-be-coming endings await. *By the very end it was a little annoying exactly how well everything fell in to place, following a tragedy such as this. You must suspend belief and lean hard into wishful thinking for the characters and their outcomes. That was the biggest sticking point (and plot slowing point) for me. I read 90-95% in less than a week and the last 30 pages took DAYS.

There are also a few issues with plot lines. She left one dangling and another…I am not sure ties up in a bow as nicely as it is written to 🤷‍♀️ then there is the detail of how the MC died. It’s laid out and never explained. Me, the former paramedic, MUST KNOW how the purported fatal injury happened. Because what is written doesn’t make sense.

All in all, it’s a quick read, and interesting perspective. The narrator has a good voice that both entertains and draws you in. Worth picking up. (Beware: may be hard to put back down.)

In an Instant will probably grab you at first glance thanks to great cover art

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