In the Mom Lane: The Interrupting Cow

For some time now, Big Dude has been obsessed with jokes.

Knock-knock jokes are a current favorite, although he often makes them up and doesn’t get them quite right. Which, in and of itself, is pretty funny.

Well, he finally got one right last night while hubby was doing the nighttime routine. And the delivery was spot on.

Big Dude: “Knock, knock!”

Hubby: “Who’s there?”

BD: “The interrupting cow!”

H: “The interrupting co-“

BD (interrupts hubby): “MOO!”

Cue giggles.


What’s happening in your mom (or dad) lane? What sort of funny thing is your kid up to these days? Does he/she love to tell jokes? Do you remember the first one he/she really got right? I’d love to hear your stories, good, bad and ugly!

Happy trails! 🙂

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