Writer Meme Monday: Toddler Says No to NaNo

Skeptical Baby Meme | YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T GET UP BEFORE DAWN TO PLAY WITH ME AND ADMIRE MY CUTENESS?? | image tagged in memes,skeptical baby | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

This weekend was day light savings. Both kids were up early Sunday, and we kept them up late that night.

And yet, right before I took my first step downstairs in the quiet dark of morning to write, there came a sound…

Actually, an wailing cry.

Toddler up. Writing time over.

Happy NaNoWriMo, week 2, everybody! Hope your writing is off to a better start today than mine! 😉


What’s happening in your writing life?

Find a meme or make your own. Post on your blog and pingback to this post, share on social media with #WriterMemeMonday and have some laughs!

Happy #WriterMemeMonday and have a great week!

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