In the Mom Lane: Burn Boxes, My Boys and Bears…OH MY!

I’ll start this post with a sage piece of unsolicited advice…for EVERYONE.

Keep only those things you are comfortable knowing someone else (a child, a spouse, a well-meaning friend, relative or neighbor) may see.

If you choose to forego this advice and keep say, a racy picture, a journal, raunchy magazines, some scandalous letters or a private video collection, my suggestion is to store them in a box marked “BURN” when not in use. This may provide some direction for those who have to deal with your estate and belongings when you have passed away.

burning-fire Petr Kratochvil

And know that, if you decide keep them, in a “BURN” box or not, they may be read, viewed, gawked at, passed around and made far more public than you ever intended.


Now, about my boys and the bear…

While I was out of town and cleaning out the apartment of a family member who died this month (and stumbling across their private items, which were then quickly relocated into a BURN BOX), hubby took the boys hiking. He got to the trail, readied Big Dude and loaded Little Man into the new Osprey carrying pack. Right before they walked from the car to the trail head, he heard a rumble from the brush.

The rumbled became a thundering, of branches crashing and sticks snapping under the weight of one large black bear running at top speed. The bear charged by (about 20 yards away) and tore up the very trail where they were headed for their hike.

Hubby stared after the bear for a moment, long enough for another sound to fill the silence left in the bear’s wake.

Bass. Thumping, vibrating, bass.

From a giant yellow truck as it cruised along the park service road.

A few lengths behind the truck was a car. A head popped out of a window when it reached hubby.

“Did you see a BEAR?”

Yup, thanks. There was a bear that passed this way, on his way to I’m-getting-the-hell-out-of-here-won’t-stop-til-I-hit-West-Virginia. 

My take on it? Thank you, truck with the ridiculous bass thumping its way through the National Forest. Mama does NOT want to hear any stories about encountering a bear WHILE ON THE TRAIL with Big Dude and Little Man.

Bear meme

Thanks for stopping by and reading! If you care to share, do you have a burn box? Or do you shred/burn/destroy personal stuff pronto?  I’d love to hear your stories about encounters of the bear kind!

Happy trails! 🙂


Featured image: Harvey Barrison, 2008
Image 1
Image 2


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