In the Mom Lane: Five Favs

I love bulleted lists. Here I’m going to give you a run down of five things I’m loving these days, that bring a little light and joy to my world, that they may do the same for yours!

  1. Meditation. Starting my days with quiet focus sets my intention and energy. I start with a five minute meditation, on a folded towel in my bathroom (the floors are heated so it’s a pretty great place to set up shop for a focused five), and breath in the good sh!t and out the bad. I use the Peloton app as my meditation go-to. I usually follow this with a light breakfast and workout, to really get my day going!
  2. Coffee: A friend introduced me to Aero Coffee Roasters. The owner, Peter, kindly spent some time with me selecting coffees to sample and as much as I want to branch out and be a diverse coffee drinker, I love the dark stuff. One sip of the Papua New Guinea Mile High A and I knew I was hooked.
  3. Bouqs: I love fresh flowers. Even better are flowers sustainably grown by farmers all over the world, that last days to weeks and smell amazing. I love them and talk about them so much I became an affiliate! You can get 30% off a subscription order (set it up to deliver when you want) or capitalize on the scheduler that means you won’t miss a birthday, anniversary or holiday ever again! (Just be sure to update your credit card!)
  4. Skincare: An old habit that I especially love now is my skincare routine. I’m in a new decade and can’t seem to get enough of the “You’re forty?!” In a few minutes twice a day, I feel refreshed, love the glow of my skin and longer-looking lashes that comes with consistency and quality. If you’re looking to do something different for your skin or lashes, start here with a short “quiz” and I will help guide you to the best products for your concerns and unique needs.
  5. Ending the day with reading. There’s something to be said about turning pages and absorbing words. I take a book with me to wash my face and brush my teeth. I’ve had more than enough screen time, and it’s time to feed my brain with something else. For my current reading list, keep up with me on GoodReads!

What are you doing for yourself that you love these days? What new habits have you been forming that you plan to keep?


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