Writer Meme Monday: Aaaaand Writing FAIL.

This was me, today at one o’clock.

Actually, probably more like ten a.m.

See, I signed up for Fiction War (a flash fiction challenge) with all intentions of writing a story! Writing something!

And using the $$ I shelled out as incentive to get it done.

Sadly, that was money down the drain.

One evening of manic birthday party prep, one day-of-birthday party followed by one day of birthday-party-recovery and an evening of baby requiring four hours of almost constant eating or snuggling resulted in zippo in the writing department.

No excuses. I planned too much and did not have room in the time budget for writing.

Sometimes, for the greater good of my kids and family, that’s just the way it is.

BUT! I got the prompt and brainstormed on it all weekend and shall write my story anyways!

Stay tuned for my version of “Taking Flight.”

In the meantime, one more GIF. Because I loved “Brave” and am still feeling a little “head-desk-DOH!”

Happy Monday!


What’s happening in your writing life?

Find a meme or make your own. Post on your blog and pingback to this post, share on social media with #WriterMemeMonday and have some laughs!

Happy #WriterMemeMonday and have a great week!

GIF 1: http://gif-finder.com/elisabeth-moss-bang-head-on-desk/

GIF 2: http://awesomelytechie.com/dont-be-a-crappy-client/head-desk/

6 thoughts on “Writer Meme Monday: Aaaaand Writing FAIL.

  1. The stories are in there,it’s escaping the oatmeal in the brain,sleepless fog and never having Inspector Gadget’s bag ‘o’ tricks at ones disposal.😱
    By the way, I love the movie Brave. There’s this special quality of people I knew with red hair. They’re fierce,funny and colorful.💗

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