Book Review: Snowmen at Night (Buehner)

Snowmen at Night

Author: Caralyn Buehner © 2002

Illustrator: Mark Buehner © 2002

Publisher: Dial Books

Genre: Children’s Books

Subgenre: Winter Sports, Nature, Beginning Readers

Reviewer: Sara

Book received by: Gift from family

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The often pondered questions of “what do snowmen do at night?” and “why don’t they look quite the same the next morning?” are answered here! In this tale of winter nights, readers are offered a glimpse into the busy world of snowmen…at night.


Busy moms (and dads), a fun and delightful tale of winter nighttime secrets, this is a year round favorite. If we think our schedules are packed, we’ve got nothing on these snowmen! Besides the roles they play in our children’s imaginations during the daytime, snow-play hours, they have their own busy night of races, games and snowy activities!

The Buehners offer a peek inside the nighttime world of snowmen and reveal the secret activities in which they partake while we slumber. The event-filled nights of these snowmen would leave the best of us tired and looking little run down by the time we were seen the next day! Author Caralyn Buehner spins the tale of Snowmen at Night in light and funny verse. Her story and structure lend themselves to repeated giggles and easy reading.

Illustrator Mark Buehner brings the snowmen life and captures the hilarity of their activities: snowman races, sledding, sipping cold cocoa, and more. He also captures the essence of the day-after snowman many of us have seen in our own yards. After several reads of the book (maybe several dozen), I noticed something in the snow on one page. To my great enjoyment, I discovered there are hidden images on all the pages!

Snowmen at Night is one of the Buehners’ many popular creations, and it’s easy to see why after only a couple of pages. A year-round favorite in our house, Snowmen is a great tale of wintertime fun, perfect for the season.


Have you read Snowmen at Night or any other book written & illustrated by the Buehners? Had you seen the hidden images?

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Feature image: Cover art, © Mark Buehner

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