Life in the Mom Lane: Diaper Drama!

Little Man is coming into his own. He’s been able to take his pants for for awhile now. It’s happened more since I switched him into the 24 month clothes, as some of the pants are too long. I spend a fair amount of time re-rolling the cuffs and pulling them up. But the 18 month stuff is much too tight, so, here we are.

He recently learned a new trick! First he takes of his pants. Then the diaper! What fun!

We’ve been down this path before. One night, when Big Dude was around 2 1/2 years old, he proudly ripped off his diaper. Then he peed on the floor!

Unfortunately for us, the person who was with him at the time watched this and laughed.

Oh, hell.

You guessed it. Big Dude then thought it was funny to rip off the diaper and pee on the floor…so for a few nights, things went like this:

Get Big Dude ready for bed.

Big Dude runs away, rips off his pajamas and diaper. And pees on the floor.

Big Dude laughs, delighted with himself.

Mommy had a solution to this. She got a roll of masking tape and taped that sucker on.

This was back when I worked long hours as a full-time PA. The nanny would get Big Dude up after we had both left and get his day going. Well, Big Dude had a memorable conversation with the nanny the morning after the first time I taped on his diaper.

Big Dude: “Mommy taped my diaper!”

Nanny: “I see that! Why did she tape on your diaper?”

Big Dude: “I had bad behavior. I peed on floor.”

Fast forward three years. I can laugh about it all now. Or I could. Until our latest diaper-ripper-offer stepped up the game.

Once a week hubby has class for his graduate program. While cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, Big Dude calls from the office: “Little Man took off his pants!”

Me: “Okay, I’ll be right there! We’ll go up for a bath.”

Big Dude (laughs): “He took off his diaper!”

Me: (*Turns around to see Little Man toddle-running at me wearing a huge grin and carrying his diaper*) “Great. Bath now, then.”

I took the diaper and right before it went in the trash, peeked in it. Why is there a smear? OH, NO!

(*Looks around frantically*)

There, on the hardwood floor, is what fell out of the diaper.

(*Panicked rush to grab Little Man and clean him up before there is smear other places*)

And off to the bath we go!

So, you can see where Little Man is headed in a hurry. Especially after that night.


Adulting is hard. Parenting is often harder. I hope you’ll share your most cringe-worthy or funny parenting experiences, too!

Post story or link in the comments, or as a pingback. I can’t wait to read what’s happening in your household, and your “my kid did the craziest thing!” tales.

Thanks for reading and happy trails! 🙂

Featured image: CC2.0

2 thoughts on “Life in the Mom Lane: Diaper Drama!

  1. oh, my. I thought cleaning up after my long-haired pudgy kitty was bad….. And yesterday at his annual vet visit, I asked the assistant to shave him so there’d be fewer streaks for me to clean up for a bit. But you…. oh, my, you better have more tape ready! And your sense of humor!

    Liked by 1 person

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