Life in the Mom Lane: A Date With Big Dude

A couple of weeks ago, during our nightly bedtime routine of one of us lying in bed for a few minutes with Big Dude after reading, he asked if we could go on a date.

Be still my beating heart! What a sweet guy. The answer, of course, was YES!!

He wanted to go “to the pancake place with the blueberry and raspberry and yellow and brown syrups,” also known as IHOP. We picked a weekend morning and this past weekend that day rolled around, so off we went! Little Man had a morning with Daddy and Big Dude had pancakes with Mommy at “the pancake place.”

My kids are by no means angels, and Big Dude certainly has his share of trying days. On our “date” he was his charming self, politely asking for his preferred drink and not getting upset when the blueberry pancakes came with blueberry compote instead of without. He waited patiently for his food to come back out and humored my attempt to teach him a beloved game from my childhood (we called it “the dot game” where a grid of dots is drawn and each turn a person can make a single line, unless they close in a box, in which case they keep going until their move does not close in a box). He took some selfies and we played a little bit of a hungry-caterpillar type game on my phone until the food came back and then he ate like a champion! (Phew!)


We’re still working on his selfie skills…

Adulting can be hard. Parenting is often much harder! Then there are the days like this one where behavior is awesome, there’s no attitude and you get that sense of maybe I’m doing okay with this kid. There are many blessings for which I am grateful, and days like this one are high on the list.


Do you plan special events or activities for one-on-one time with one of your kids? I’d love to hear stories of solo-kid time gone well and awry! Is there anything you would avoid doing again?

Happy trails, and may this holiday season be bright and full of joy!


2 thoughts on “Life in the Mom Lane: A Date With Big Dude

  1. Love this!! He told me all about the different syrups when you came over after, too!! I find that when Mike and I split up the work for the kids, I often get my little man and he gets our big dude. I need to schedule a date with my big dude soon!! Maybe they’ll let us double one of these days!! Haha

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    • That’s so funny! He was SO excited about all the syrup options! The same thing often happens with us when we split up. I’m trying to make sure I have extra time for Big Dude, especially since he’s in school while I’m home with Little Man. Dates may be a must for awhile as he gets older (until that day when he doesn’t want to be seen out with me…) I think we’ll go again in a few weeks, maybe when JMU goes on break. We’d love to double date! 🙂


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