In the Mom Lane: Tweets and Memes


I love memes. Ever since the first cat with a pancake (or lime helmet) crossed my screen.

Turns out I also love Twitter. And maybe Instagram (I’m still new there).

Of late, I’ve stumbled across several Twitter weeklies, events where thousands of writers connect for different writing challenges. Whether sharing lines from a work-in-progress or creating something catchy in 142 characters (or less), it’s a fun way to network and often have a few giggles.

Why not combine the two things that make me smile? 

So, I’m making a go of it and starting a weekly Twitter event. I hope you’ll join in!

It’s called: #WriterMemeMonday.

Why memes? Because we all need a laugh.

Why writers? It’s not really restricted to writers. Blogger? Teacher? Student? Inspired tweeter? Join the fun!

Why Mondays?  We especially need laughs on Mondays. And I like alliteration. 🙂

Why Twitter? That’s where I’ll pin the theme. Share wherever you want! Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr…

Rules! Rules!

There will be a suggested theme, posted the Friday before.

No buy links.

Create your own or share one you find through a search engine!

Keep it clean, good fun. Some writers are young, folks!

Sarcasm and wit encouraged.

Have fun!




Not sure how to make a meme? Here are some of the most popular meme-generating websites. Upload your own picture, or use one on the site. If you use a picture from an internet search, please be sure to check usage rights and credit properly!

Meme Generators:

See you on August 1st for the first #WriterMemeMonday!


Image credits:


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