Friday Fictioneers: Wild Imaginations

“What is it?”

Nervous fingers hovered over the black and white page. “I think… it’s a spell book.”

“A spell book? Really? Why would Mrs. Donahue have a spell book?”

Louise glared at Haley. “Obviously she’s a witch.”

Haley scrunched up her face. “You think?”

“Definitely. Look around. Her backyard’s a huge herb garden. She wears that big creepy hat when she’s outside. And she’s always cooking stews.”

The rustling of fabric behind them made the girls start. Trembling hands clutched together as Mrs. Donahue hurried towards them.

“Oh, girls, thank goodness! You’ve found my art book.”


Remember when your imagination would run wild at a strange noise? Or when you would find something odd and speculate on it’s use? Don’t you kind of miss those days? It makes me so glad I have a kid old enough to play pretend…gives me an excuse to exercise my wild imagination. 🙂


It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed to the Friday Fictioneers weekly writing collection and it’s good to be back! Hosted by the delightful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, a photo prompt is posted on Wednesdays with her own 100-word (or less) story. Writers are invited to contributed their own inspired story and to comment on others. Come join the fun (and click the blue button below for more!)

Featured Image © Kent Bonham

Happy trails and inspired writing!


12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Wild Imaginations

  1. Love it! The childhood imagination run wild. Hmmmm me thinks this is what happened perhaps in Salem? And it sure is the tale of the mind making connections when the brain should not. Love it! 🙂
    Especially that fact that Mrs. Donahue makes stew! (perhaps she does us a newt or two!)

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    • Thanks, Lillian! I appreciate the read and your comments. And yes! Isn’t it funny the connects a kid’s (and sometimes adult’s) imagination will make, when the rational mind, in the light of day, sees the situation for what it is? Still gets the better of me some days…I suppose that’s part of why I write. 😉

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