In the Mom Lane: “Welcome to the Construction Zone”

Eleven months after the move and about ten months after we were hoping to have a new master bathroom, the remodel is finally underway! Monday morning the demo started. It’s been a busy week of activity. Here’s a brief summary of the activity so far:

Old closet = Gone. Old bathroom = Demoed.

First day demo.3

Nap time = Gone.

Demo day 2.3

New closet = Framed. New attic access staircase = Installed.

Closet pull down

Stress level with two cranky kids = HIGH.

Relaxing by the tub

I’m ready for an evening bath in the new tub.

Feet up by the window

In the meantime, I’ll hang out by the roughed in lines and pretend I’m staring at the stars out the new window.

Have any great (legit good or horror) stories of remodels? Tips to avoid unforeseen disaster?

Happy trails and have a great weekend! 🙂


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