Incremental Changes (Warmup Wednesday!)

For this week’s installment of Warmup Wednesday!, within your 100 word story you were to include a secret invention. When reading my story, be sure to draw out the words “Almoost theerree” as if you were Garven Dreis, Red Leader in Star Wars, for full effect.

The ground trembled as he stared at the screen, his tongue poking out of his mouth. Thick fingers adjusted the dials. “Almost there.”

The tremble steadily increased and a beam of light appeared through the rock. “Professor, maybe we should reassess stability?”

“Almost there,” he said, making more finite adjustments.

The tremble became a rumble, accompanied by a groan. I glanced again out the window at the widening shaft of light. “I think something’s happening!”

“Almost there,” he replied, still staring and adjusting.

With a crack and roar, the rock split and water cascaded through.

“Sir, that’s not a wormhole!”

Credit for featured image: Abandoned Laboratory (Cornell). CC 2.0, photo by vadikunc.

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