A Visit to the Literary Lion Pingbacks (Blogging 101: Day 12)

For the Day 12 assignment in Blogging 101, we were to revisit the prompt we used for our Day 11 post and get engaged with other bloggers in the comments section. The assignment was to read at least six and comment on at least two other bloggers posts based on the same prompt. The Literary Lion: King prompt generated more than a dozen pingback responses. Of the pingbacks I followed, there were several unique takes and stories based on the prompt, for whom I left comments…take a peek at their blogs and their stories by following the links below!

For a brief moment, I am going to climb up on a soap box and say that I generally adhere to the advice “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Not every blog I visited, or every story I read in response to this prompt, did I enjoy, so I chose to say nothing at all about those pieces. I believe I read seven or eight and left comments on three. From recent personal experience with a short story competition forum, I found there are plenty of people out there who are all too eager to criticize someone’s work, as if they have more talent or are better than the rest. The feedback those hyper-critical folks left was often generally useless or just mean. Not one of them was a best-seller or well-known writer, and often I found their pieces to be even more plagued by the “big no-nos” than the ones they were criticizing. This is not to say there was anything wrong with the four or five other prompt responses I read, but for whom I did not leave feedback. I did not have anything constructive to add, so chose to say nothing at all…this time. For everyone who participates in prompt responses and posts it for all the world to see, bravo, and keep it up.

Only Connect
draliman on life
My Take My Thoughts

Enjoy and happy trails!

Photo originally posted on Literary Lion by Laura Feasey.

5 thoughts on “A Visit to the Literary Lion Pingbacks (Blogging 101: Day 12)

    • Thanks for reading and your comment! You’re right, sometimes we can (and should) hold our tongues…but sometimes it is beneficial to be the voice of (constructive) criticism. Finding the balance of those moments is the tricky part for many of us, myself included!

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