“Game of Foxes” (Warmup Wednesday!)

Leash Fen in Mist CC 2.0 by Andrew Hill

Leash Fen in Mist CC 2.0 by Andrew Hill

For today’s Warmup Wednesday!: Using the photo, craft a 100 word (exactly) story…with an animal as the protagonist.

“Hedge!” A single howl shattered the stillness of the fog.

“Hog!” A chorus of voices howls replied.

“Hedge!” The single howl had grown closer to three who crouched behind several thin tree trunks.

“Hog!” The howls were shriller as the red-haired fox padded quietly closer. Two began to attempt escape, taking steps away, but rustled the grass.

The hunter lifted his head, eyes closed and ears perked, flicking back and forth. “Hedge!”

“Hog!” Only one remained behind the trees. Her stealthy litter mate moved with silent paws, catching another’s tail in his mouth.


“Darn it, Griffin! You win again!”

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