Christmas in July (Literary Lion: Merry)

The most recent installment of the Literary Lion challenge that I undertook was surrounding the word “Merry.” Unlike most of my pieces, this one is true to life. Thanks for stopping by to check it out and enjoy!

Christmas in July (172 words):

My husband and I have very different ideas of Christmas.

I learned this last week after my thirty-six week prenatal appointment, at which a plan was coordinated to schedule an induction when I hit thirty-nine weeks. My first child was induced due to thrombocytopenia, or a low platelet count, so it came as no surprise when my platelets steadily dropped in this pregnancy and that we were again discussing an induction.

Back to Christmas. Dear hubby was struggling with how he would remember the date of our second son’s birth on some random day in July when lightning struck: The planned induction date is July 25! Our second child will arrive on Christmas Day…in July!

Never mind that we’re Jewish.

At least the color scheme will be right. Lots of green…it’s very expensive to have a baby, after all. I won’t have had a period for nine months until the post-partum period. So there’s the red.

And there is of course, the gift of our second son. Merry Christmas in July, indeed.

Thanks, Laura, for the prompt! Happy trails!

Literary Lion: Merry

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