Monday Mindset: (Y)OUR Independence

I read a lot of chatter about women not celebrating Independence Day this year.

I am not surprised. Most of the women I know have felt that our gender has suffered a tremendous setback, has been relegated to second-class status, and are feeling marginalized.

We don’t matter, but for what we might produce.

Sadly, this is a rinse-and-repeat of human behavior for millennia. There is always a group getting the short end of the stick. Struggling to have a voice, be seen and treated as equals.

In this age where so many have an avenue to have their own platform, and as such, a louder voice, may we remember to use it also for those who are different from us. May we use our voices and energy to help others, even those who we may not fully understand yet. It’s essential to remember they are also humans with hopes and dreams, the same as you and me.

Helping someone else will likely result in helping ourselves. A rising tide lifts all boats. Let’s go rise up

Happy trails


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