Writing Meme for Monday: Where Do You Fit In?

There are the people if your life who inspire you to write great things!

Amazing story lines! Well-developed characters. Intriguing subplots. 
Then there are those who you can’t wait to put in a story only to kill off. 

Which one inspires your writing more?


How about you? What’s happening in your writing life?

Find a meme or make your own. Post on your blog and pingback to this post, share on social media with #WritingMeme and have some laughs!

Happy #WritingMeme for Monday and have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Writing Meme for Monday: Where Do You Fit In?

  1. i haven’t actually put anybody that i didn’t like into a book and kill them. i would say that i’m more inspired by cool events, intriguing ideas, or historical tidbits that i learn for the first time. 🙂

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