Writer Meme Monday: Me, Explained

This picture explains so much, right?

Some time ago, I came across a social media post by a NY Times best-selling author. Her daughter had received an evaluation from her teacher with remarks about the girl’s tendency to daydream. She took a picture of the evaluation and posted it with her response!

The author-mother applauded her daughter, and pointed out that she (the author-mother) was also day-dreamer. Because she was a day-dreamer who had embraced her creativity, she became an author. Because she was a day-dreamer who embraced her creativity, became an author, worked hard, and chased her dreams, she became a best-selling author.

Not all of us do (or should) march to the beat of the same drum.

Sometimes (many times?), we day-dreamers have the greatest potential.

That being said, we day-dreamers do have to work hard to achieve our goals! So that’s all from me today…back to working hard and chasing my dreams!

What’s happening in your writing life?

Find a meme or make your own. Post on your blog and pingback to this post, share on social media with #WriterMemeMonday and have some laughs!

Happy #WriterMemeMonday and have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Writer Meme Monday: Me, Explained

  1. I just finished a writing prompt for a class I’m taking: create a character with some stereotypical traits then have them witness an accident. It was interesting. I liked your meme!


  2. Happy writing! On Monday evening I attended a 4-writer “Fantasy” panel the library hosted, and re-connected with a graduate student I knew when I was an academic counselor in Sociology/Criminology. UBER jealous, had no idea she was into creative writing back then (OH, the conversations we could have had!), and now she’s well-published in fantasy both as an adult and under pen name for her YA. Goal: for us to get together for coffee and “talk shop” and catch up.

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