In the Mom Lane: A Family History of Tossing Out the Christmas Tree

True story: When my husband was a kid, his mom discovered bugs in their Christmas tree. Long story short, that tree was tossed out the front door, decorations and all, and into the yard.

It seems that tossing a Christmas tree into the yard is a family tradition.


My Christmas-tree-in-the-yard story begins on one unseasonably warm Friday. This morning I found a tiny praying mantis in the kitchen by the water dishes. After escorting him outside, a text came through.

My babysitter had a GI virus (one sweeping the area). She was not going to make it. Today was the first day of the semester…students were scheduled to work with me at the clinic. Off goes a quick text to my mother-in-law, and I check with my back up sitter, looking for help!

Hm. Other sitter hasn’t seen my text from yesterday. Strange. 

Hm. Lots of notifications on Facebook…Have a peek.

Oh, snap! She also has the GI virus!

Fortunately, mother-in-law can save the day. Phew! Take a walk, do some yoga, get the day going. Crisis averted!

Ha-ha, you say. You guessed right. That was only the beginning!

Fast forward to the afternoon. After the clinic and a stop at the pharmacy for hubby, then the kids, we get home, ready to have (a very late) lunch, play and plan dinner.

Except that the dogs shredded a roll of toilet paper. And had an accident.


Start cleaning up.

Hm. Another praying mantis…and another…and another…(follows them into the living room)…OH, NO! The Christmas tree! 

So the tree is stripped of decor and dragged to the door. Then across the porch, and tossed out into the yard. Tree stand and all.

And so the tradition continues…


How was your week? Any crazy Christmas tree stories in your house or family? Share your stories below, with a link to your blog in the comments or a pingback!

Have a great weekend and happy trails! 🙂

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