Friday Fictioneers: Means of Escape


Means of Escape

Fiction; 99 words

Mac peered down the darkened tunnel. Afternoon turned to dusk and the lengthening shadows hid a multitude of threats. Fear prickled the skin on the back of her neck.

She breathed slow and scanned the area. Adrenaline from the escape had her imagination working overtime. Not every fluttering leaf means someone’s lying in wait.

Several minutes passed. She signaled to Bea and they crept into the dank space. They were about halfway through when a tall figure appeared, blocking their exit.

Bea froze beside her. Mac’s heart pounded hard in her chest.


She released her breath.

“Damnit, John!”


Photo prompt & featured image: © Peter Abbey

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. I’m a little late in joining the party this week, but better late than never! The above is my 99-word fictional story. Each week, writers are offered a photo prompt, from which we are challenged to write a complete story, in 100 words or less. Then we post, share, comment and critique with dozens of other writers. Click the blue frog button to find more stories, and join in!

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