In the Mom Lane: Dream A Little Dream

No, this is not a post about the dreams I have for my children. Nor for my life in the years to come.

This is about the literal dreams.

Keep reading. It’s funny, I promise.

When Big Dude was a toddler, we were gifted a Richard Scarry book: Cars and Trucks and Things That Go!

Parents, I warn you now: This book will be an insta-favorite among the under four-feet crowd AND make you cringe every time their little hand nears it on the shelf.


©Richard Scarry

It took months (though it felt like years) to move this book out of the regular rotation. Big Dude picked it out the other night and we dutifully read it, with only minor grumbling and sarcasm from hubby.

The next morning, hubby told me he dreamed we were in our eco-antagonist Toyota Sequoia, driving the streets of Cars and Trucks and Things That Go!. More specifically, in his dream, I was driving. With all the tiny carrot cars, pencil cars, with Officer Flossy and the Pig family and Dingo Dog (he’s so naughty!).

©Richard Scarry

©Richard Scarry

Not just driving, but speeding, swerving, honking emphatically, yelling at the other drivers and running people off the road.

Now, fellow readers of Cars and Trucks and Things That Go!, you may know that such driving is common in this world of Mr. Scarry’s.

Apparently, the peak of my driving mania came when I damn near ran over poor Bunny Rabbit, who never can seem to get out of the way fast enough.

And yelled at Hilda Hippo.

Poor Hilda.

I’m happy to report I’ve been very polite on the roads this week. Fortunately, I have also not encountered any of the other bad drivers from Cars and Trucks and Things That Go!, either. 🙂

Happy trails and safe driving!


Featured image and images from Cars and Trucks and Things That Go!: © Richard Scarry

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