In the Mom Lane: And Then There Was One (Slice of Bread)

This is a week about preparation.

I’m getting ready for the trip with my dad and brother.

We’re getting ready to hike Half Dome.

The household is getting ready for Mommy to be away for more than a week!

It’s not a great time for one of my animals to have a veterinary emergency.

So, of course, that’s exactly what happened.

This is the face of a guilty dog.

This is the face of a guilty dog.

Tuesday, I came home after being out for an hour, picking up my kids. I opened the garage door, ready to prep and start cooking dinner and race back out for karate with Big Dude.

There, on the floor, in the kitchen, was the chewed up bag from a loaf of bread with three partial pieces and one whole slice of bread left in it. And my nineteen pound Chihuahua-Terrier mix standing over it, wagging his tail in guilty the way he does when he’s in trouble. Seriously?


Evidence 1: Partially eaten bread. Large hole chewed in bread bag.

Get kids in, clean up, scold dog. Text good friend for a laugh, who is also our vet.

She replies right away with a series of questions. Which dog? How much?

Now I realize: Shit. Maybe not so funny. 

She calls


Break out the hydrogen peroxide, she says. Syringe it down his throat so the bubbling action will make him vomit. The bread will start to expand and his stomach is too small to handle it.

Oh, hell. I didn’t even think about that.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to get him a med that goes in his eye to induce vomiting.

Oh, great.

So! My next hour was a hilarious back and forth of: Run outside, syringe peroxide down dog’s throat, watch him start gagging. Go back inside, wash hands, keep cooking dinner. Supervise dog through window. Back outside…

Fortunately, the peroxide did the trick. My yard has been assaulted by yakked up, partially digested bread.

Time to go back to the store. We need more bread. And peroxide.

Evidence 2: Only remaining intact piece of bread. Second, smaller hole chewed in bag.

Evidence 2: Only remaining intact piece of bread. Second, smaller hole chewed in bag.


So, how’s your week been? Have a crazy “you’ll never believe it, but my dog/cat/(insert other animal here) ate_” story? I hope you’ll share it here!

Happy trails!

9 thoughts on “In the Mom Lane: And Then There Was One (Slice of Bread)

  1. Shoo! Good thing you came home when you did!
    My mom’s dog ate a whole bag of chocolate once, and I had to so the same thing with peroxide. I was in high school at the time, and not very mature about it, but I got her to barf, and saved the day, as usual. 😉

    Have fun on your hiking trip!

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    • Hi, Ellie!
      Thanks for reading and your comment. Most of my life O have had big dogs, so even when they got into something, it usually wasn’t enough to cause a problem. The vet did say if it was a Lab, she would not have been so worried, but seeing as he’s only 19 pounds, he needed intervention. Thank goodness I texted her!
      Happy trails! 🙂

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  2. Oh, my, I never would have thought about the expansion, either. I’m glad your guilty pup was ok. I’ve learned my cat Xanth will also attack certain things in bags. Recently, it was the king-size quilt batting, a wool blend, my sister won for the quilt she made for me. He kicked the crap out of it and chew holes through the plastic AND took out chunks of the batting, to play with. I called sis. Yep, ruined. We can hope that she can make a twin or full out of it, or it’s destined only for wall-size quilts!

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