In the Mom Lane: You Might Have A Toddler If…

Today’s game: How you might know your baby is now a toddler! (OR: Can you guess where I found the item in the feature image?)

Here’s how we play!

Round 1: Parent takes the coffee to play the kids, keeping it up high and generally out of reach.

Round 2: The Once-Baby-Now-Toddler STRIKES while the parent is still under-caffeinated!

Round 3: Parent takes a drink (sip or slug, depending on which cup # this is!) of coffee and an object strikes the parent in the teeth!

Round 4: Parent spits out coffee and for a frightening moments wonders what on earth was in the coffee pot that is now in the previous cup of Joe.

Round 5: Parent swirls (or drains) the cup and discovers…A TOY.


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to secure the valuable and anything that may fit down the toilet.


I love a good (retrospective) laugh at what kids will do. What’s the craziest thing your kid ever put somewhere inappropriate (or flushed)?

Thanks for sharing & happy trails! 🙂

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