#WriterMemeMonday: Rejection!

It’s another hot Monday in our parts and time to start the week off with some laughs.

It’s #WriterMemeMonday!

This week’s suggested theme: Rejection!

Here’s how I started out my day:


How does #WriterMemeMonday work?

Find a meme online or create your own!

Share a line from your WIP or about your life as a writer. 🙂

Is it only for professional writers?

Heavens no!

If you WRITE, you can join the fun! Whether you write full-time, are a student, a teacher, or a writer-in-between-everything-else-in-life, join in the fun!

#WMM Aug 15

The fun happens on Twitter, but I’ll find and share your posts on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, too!

For the fun of it, one more writing rejection meme I love…

rejection word processor

Happy trails and have a great #WriterMemeMonday!

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