In the Mom Lane: The Mommy and the Coffee Fail (Parts 2 & 3!)

Yesterday morning I poured in water and measured beans into my favorite kitchen appliance: the Grind ‘N’ Brew coffee maker.

There’s nothing quote as fabulous as the sound of grinding beans in the morning. Except for maybe the smell of that delicious brew percolating and filling the carafe.

Well, it happens that hubby has been collecting the grinds and using them to fertilize the pepper and tomato plants.

This translates to the reusable filter getting washed later and separately from the rest of the coffeemaker parts.

Parts, which I had already reloaded into the coffeemaker.

Grind N Brew

The coffeemaker, which had just finished grinding up the beans and was about to start percolating and filling the carafe with ten glorious cups of Joe.

By some amazing stroke of luck, I noticed the filter sitting on the counter by the sink…

Missing filter

Oh (insert expletive of choice here)!

*Presses button to release the brew-basket, removes lid to find basket FULL of grinds, dumps grinds into filter, replaces lid and shoves back into coffeemaker*

*Coffeemaker then begins to bubble and gurgle and brew*

PHEW. Coffee fail averted.

This morning, I re-enacted yesterday’s events so I could capture the moment for a few laughs.

Then I went to pour my first cup coffee of the day. Upside down mug

SIGH. Good thing I stopped before I started pouring!

Have a great and well-caffeinated day! Happy trails!

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