Book Review: Frog and Toad All Year (Lobel)

Frog and Toad All Year

Author: Arthur Lobel © 1976

Publisher: Harper & Row

Genre: Children’s Books

Subgenre: Friendship, Animals, Frog & Toad, Beginner Readers

Reviewer: Sara

Reviewer: Sara



Four tales of best friends, a frog and a toad, as they share many adventures, meals and holidays through the seasons of the year.


Busy moms, this is a must have for your kids! Frog and Toad and two dear friends from my childhood. The books made their way into storage and, about three decades later, miraculously ended up in my kids’ library with the binding still great shape!

It’s book four of the series (of four), but each book is independent, as are the stories. The book is a quick read with five “chapters” of short stories that focus on the friendship of Frog and Toad despite their differences and as they face challenges. Interwoven are lessons about overcoming adversity, persevering in the face of uncertainty, helping others, and appreciating the people in your life and moments you share.

The print is large and book designed with future little readers in mind. As your kiddos start reading on their own, they can read it to you! Each short story has a series of illustrations, all by Mr. Lobel. They depict the action, the humor and the warm moments the friends share, allow the young reader(s) to better understand the story and create a talking point when reading with your kids. All these years later, I love the books just as much as I did in my childhood, and the stories and the illustrations still make me chuckle!

Feature image: Cover art by Arthur Lobel

*  *  *

Do you remember Frog and Toad from your early reading days? Which story was your favorite?

Thanks for reading! Happy trails and may the good books be plentiful!

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