Friday Fictioneers: Nobody Escapes



Rain pelted Mac’s head, her shoulders. The stone building would offer some shelter from the storm, despite a crumbling roof and missing door.

“Do you think anybody lives here?” Bea peered around the boulder.

“No. It’s too run down.” Mac picked her way to the hut, avoiding muddy ground that might capture a footprint. She ducked inside, Bea close behind. “We’ll stay the night and move on at first light.”

Something rustled in the corner. A familiar form moved out of the shadows.

“John!” Bea threw her arms around him. “How’d you escape?”

Mac narrowed her eyes. “Nobody escapes a crew.”


Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo prompts post Wednesdays and the link-up opens for writers to share their 100-word (or less) stories. Follow the blue frog to more stories, and to share your own! This week my story is an exploration of characters in my YA work-in-progress and their trek along the Appalachian Trail towards Tennessee from Virginia. Comments and critiques are welcome!

Thanks for reading and happy trails!


Feature image credits: Piya Singh

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