The Paths We Choose (Friday Fictioneers)

The road less traveled. The way paved with good intentions. Neither quote eases the pain, unravels the coil of struggle wound tight in my soul.

The Road Not Taken. Mr. Frost found words that resonate. Where would I be now, had I followed the other path?

I stare up the broken steps.The road I chose brought me here. Up ahead it’s overgrown, littered with trash and crumbling. Traversing the challenge is the only way to come out on the other side. Not clean, not unscathed. But stronger.

© Amy Reese

© Amy Reese

This is my 89-word contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. Join the weekly challenge here!

2 thoughts on “The Paths We Choose (Friday Fictioneers)

    • Greetings, Rochelle.
      They always do. The only real question is what repercussions and alterations in the life that followed from taking the going the other way.
      I’m grateful every day for the path I’ve followed.
      Happy trails! 🙂 Sara


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