New Year, New Blog

CC 2.0 Faruq Hossain

CC 2.0 Faruq Hossain

My one-year mark of becoming a more active member of the blogging community is rapidly approaching! In preparation of this anniversary, I’ve been planning a revamp of the blog. There are areas that would benefit from more attention, and those that don’t fit as well anymore. It’s been hard to cut some blogging topics out, but they’re necessary changes.


Over the summer I completed the WordPress Blogging 101 course. One of the topics discussed the focus of a blog. In the beginning, The Mom Who Runs… was a place for me to blog about my adventures as a newly minted Domestic Engineer. There will still be a place for some of that content, on a page called “In The Mom Lane.” Others are slated for removal, making way for new material. My first book is complete, headed for editing, critique group and an editor in 2016. The running of a writing career and “Project: Book Publication” will be an area of focus, and will fit in better with the rest of the writing content already on the blog.


CC 2.5 (C) Johannes Jansson/

CC 2.5 (C) Johannes Jansson/

A new section of the blog will be unveiled next Sunday. Most writers know of the famous Steven King quote: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” I expect all busy moms would agree that some books are not worth their time, including some that are New York Times Bestsellers and / or award winners.

In the interest of broadening my own reading horizons, and helping other busy moms sort through the reading-pile slush, I’m adding a book review to the blog. Each week a new book will be covered, some for moms, some for (moms to read with) the kids. My cousin, a graphic designer, a mom and fellow book nerd, will be working with me on this section to broaden the genres covered and number of reviews we’re able to publish. She designed the “runner girl” we’ll use for ratings that I’ve included below. Our first reviews cover books we read recently: new and old, traditional and indie published. In the future, I expect we will open to book review requests. If you’re interested in having your book reviewed, please fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch!

Thanks for joining me on my blogging adventures and I hope you continue to enjoy the content!

Happy New Year and happy trails!

(C) Nancy VanGorden, The Mom Who Runs







“Runner Girl” copyright: Nancy VanGorden, The Mom Who Runs

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