Flashversary Bash! & Farewell: Gravitational Force

This week was the final installment of Flash!Friday. All stories were to begin with the provided first line, run exactly 100 words and could be inspired by the included photo.

My story is a little bit of art reflecting life. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it.

Gravitational Force (100 words)

On Friday, everything changed.

Shards of glass ricocheted off the floor.

“You don’t even like him! You haven’t spoken in years!”

I picked up the picture by the frame and shook off the shards. They clattered to the wood. “It’s not about all that. He’s my father.”

“Then why now? After all he put you through?”

She stood, her hands on her hips, defiance painted on her face despite the slight tremble in her hands.

“He’s dying.”


“I can’t let him die alone.”

“Well I can’t watch you go back to him. You might never come back to me.”

Balancing on the Brink eagle-peak-summit Chugach Mountains, Alaska CC 2.0 Paxson Woelber

“Balancing on the Brink” Eagle Peak Summit, Chugach Mountains, Alaska CC 2.0 Paxson Woebler

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