Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 27: The Prisoner

Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 27.

            The curtain fell as thunderous applause echoed around the old theater. The actors trotted off stage left towards the dressing rooms, leaving the director and his protégé.

            “David, that was amazing! How’d you manage to find someone so convincing for Alec?”

            The director turned to the student, recognizing the look of awe from his own internship days.

            “Well, Peter, sometimes to find the right actor for a role, you have to find someone who’s not an actor at all.” David strode toward the mobile prison unit that stage hands had wheeled off stage for the ensemble’s curtain call.

            “E-excuse me,” Peter called as he trailed behind. “How do you mean? Where did you find him, then?”

David froze at center stage, staring into the empty shadows beyond. “Wait, where’d he go?”


            “Alec! The prisoner! He was just here…” The director gestured wildly at the now vacant space where Alec had been – or appeared to be – chained. The set of antique chains made the distinct sound of plastic striking plastic when he picked them up. “Oh, dear. That’s not right.”

            They stared at each other. “He escaped?”

“So it would seem.”

“Do you think we can slip out?”

            “My thoughts exact-” David’s pale green eyes widened. “Alec, no!”





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