Curiosity and The (Big) Cat (Literary Lion)

Curiosity and The Cat

Her gait is stealthy, self-assured. She slips through the jungle without disturbing the undergrowth.

High above and concealed by thick foliage, I follow her, studying. Hair, black as the night. Cream-colored skin stretches over sinewy muscles. She moves like a panther: A hunter, confident of her status.

It would not be so hard to take her down. The element of surprise is on my side.

There have been others. None as bold as she. None so certain of their place. She’s here looking for something. Or someone.

I crouch, considering my next move.

“Xalba, watch out!”

I recoil. The panther distracted my focus, and she’s not alone.

This one aims for me.

The panther rushes forward, grabs the rifle barrel and forces it down. “No!” She looks up. I am hidden behind dense cluster of leaves. “He’s not hunting us anymore than we are him.”

Courtesy SJ Frost

Courtesy SJ Frost

Greetings and thanks for reading! This is my contribution to the latest installment of The Literary Lion, hosted by the talented and delightful Laura  Feasey. I hope you’ll join the fun and see what challenge the cat drags in (from the jar of prompts) next week!

© 2016 Sara Tranum, The Mom Who Runs. All rights reserved. 


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