NaNo Newbie & The 15-Day Blog Challenge (Book Prep)

I did it. I signed up.

That is, I opened an account. Gotta start somewhere, right? As a NaNoWriMo newbie, I’ve been reading posts and tweets and suggestions and dos & don’ts…and generally delaying any real prep work.

I have a major problem, which I blame for my lack of focus…What do work on come November 1?

There’s the primary WIP, but it’s almost done and definitely no where near needing 50,00 more words. That would just give me about 30,000 to cut out later. I could start a sequel to that, which I have long considered, but have no character development or sketches ready.

Then there’s two other stories that I have swirling around in the creative chaos happening in my noggin. One developed from a story I wrote for the One Throne Joust and the other from my NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge Round 1 entry. I’m planning to go with the former, as I have more at the tip of my brain for that story for now. The latter may have to wait…for now.

So here’s my plan, with 10 days to go:masterclock-blastoff

Every day, I have to do about an hour of continuing education to maintain my license as a PA-C. After that, I need to wrap up the primary WIP. Then I’m taking a stab at the 15-Day Blog Challenge (Book Prep) (compressed into many fewer days, so I may cut some necessary corners). Thanks to Shanan at Interpreter of Inspiration for sharing your challenge and Melony at The Write Melony for initiating the challenge! Melony, pardon my edits to your wonderful challenge, but with fewer than 15 days, I know I’ll need to consolidate a bit.

15-Day Blog Challenge: Book Prep!

  1. Write a Page-Long Synopsis of your book.
  2. What are the inspirations of your book?
  3. Write character sheets for your main character(s)
  4. What is your Writing Soundtrack?
  5. Write character sheets for your supporting characters
  6. Write an article about the most common issues that have surfaced in your work and how you plan to fix them.
  7. Write a Setting Profile about your book
  8. Write about the current book you are reading or the most recent one.
  9. Write a 500-word story in the eyes of your antagonist.
  10. Recognition of other writers you follow and why they inspire you.
  11. Write about the common themes of your book.
  12. Tell some Writing Process Confessions
  13. Write about the origin of the book.
  14. Write a new Author Bio.
  15. Write a 500-word story based on an early memory of your main character that will not be featured in the book.

Here goes nothing…Join in and let’s whip ourselves into NaNo-shape together!

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