Writer Meme Monday: A Break From #AmEditing and #AmWriting for an Important Day


It’s a GORGEOUS Monday morning in my neck of the woods, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

Twelve years ago today, it was my wedding day.

In eight short hours, I will have been married to my best friend for a dozen years.

Five cats, two dogs and three kids later, we have survived births, deaths, one fully-completed (but currently under edits) book, the start of another book, graduate school, moves, job changes and some crazy $h!t, too.

Like a car that ended up in our front garden after the emergency brake failed. (And I wondered if he had had a mental break from the stress of running a small business to support us while I was in PA school.)

Like “El Derecho” the summer of 2011 when he had an emergency call in to work to deal with power losses and I had to drag our not-quite four month-old around town and aggressively defend the last generator in a local store so that we could power our fridge/freezer full of breast milk and baby food. Let’s be clear about one thing…I had the men staffing that store on their toes! They WERE NOT going to sell that generator to any one else.

I could go on and on. There’s lots in there for stories…but for today, I am stepping away from my writing to enjoy a glorious day with my family. (Fear not, I will allow the imagination can run wild even without a pen or computer in sight.)

Have a wonderful day!


How about you? What’s happening in your writing life?

Find a meme or make your own. Post on your blog and pingback to this post, share on social media with #WritingMeme and have some laughs!

Happy #WriterMemeMonday and have a great week!


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