Friday Fictioneers: Your Chariot Awaits



“Your throne, Your Majesty!” The duke bowed and duchess curtsied.

The king gazed at the perch across the moat. Light glimmered off the gilded royal seat. Rubies encrusted in the high back sparkled.

 “How shall I get there?”

The duke stepped back and gestured to the gleaming horse and carriage, both draped in the ornate dressings of the royal family. “Your chariot awaits.”


Dad raised his eyebrows. “Ah. My chariot.”

The neighbor’s Shetland stood, hitched to their Radio Flyer, ready to trudge across the flooded backyard. A kitchen chair waited on higher ground.

“At least I found Mom’s garnets.”


Photo prompt & featured image: © Ted Strutz

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The above is my 100-word fictional story. Each week, writers are offered a photo prompt, from which we are challenged to write a complete story, in 100 words or less. Then we post, share, comment and critique with dozens of other writers. Click the blue frog button to find more stories, and join in!


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