Monday Motivation: Devotion to “You Do You”

I came across a conversation thread yesterday, full of vitriol for those who choose to work in direct sales. I cannot speak for those who were posting the negative opinions as to whether they have direct personal experience or simply observational experience of others, but it left me sad and feeling insulted.

In my time away from The Mom Who Runs, I have added and grown a second business, in direct sales, to my life. It was a considered and strategic decision, has taught me an incredible amount about myself, about how to develop as a leader, and about other people. It is something that I never thought I would love, but it turns out that I am finding a great deal of purpose and meaning from running this business. There is still much for me to learn, including where my writing fits into my life now, although since Baby Boy is now a full-fledged all-night-sleeping toddler and summer is almost over, I see a schedule shaping up for the fall.

My business has also taught me a great deal about opinions…in part that most people have misinformed opinions about something, and make assertions based on their assumptions. It has also taught me how to take the opinions of others in stride, where they once would have affected and even left me questioning myself. This will pay off in spades when I publish my first (and subsequent) book! From this lesson I have also become someone who strives to ask questions before making assumptions, and before forming my own firm opinions based on what may be an off-base assumption.

At the end of the day, I have learned to love the phrase “you do you.” Do what’s right for you. Do what makes you feel joy and fulfillment. Do be considerate of others and do your research before you espouse negativity with vehemence. Do be sure the ground you stand on is firm. Do offer kindness to others, and appreciate where they differ from you, because it takes all types in this world. Remember that what fills someone else’s cup may not be your cup of tea, but you can always decline their offer with grace and kindness.

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